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150 Most Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

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Presenting the Great New Features of WordPress 3.1
Folks at WordPress have just released WordPress 3.1 (Code name “Reinhardt”), 14th version of World’s most famous and award-winning publishing software.

WordPress honlap törlése | honlapkészítés | tutorial.hu
A lentebbi kód egy célt szolgál: wordpress honlap tartalmát tudod törölni úgy, hogy megnyitsz egy bizonyos URL-t. Akkor is, ha a WordPress honaphoz

15 Superb and Helpful Cheatsheets for WordPress
These WordPress cheat sheets can help you take your blog to whole other level. workdpress cheat sheet, cheatsheet

Top 5 Most Valuable WordPress 3.0 Cheat Sheets
Round up of useful wordpress 3.0 cheat sheets that will help you to learn coding. These wordpress 3.0 cheat sheets are the only available as of now.

10 Free and Recommended SEO WordPress Plugins
A collection of free WordPress widgets / plugins that enhance a website’s SEO rankings greatly yet easily. They help a lot in improving pageranks. seo

Cheat Sheet: SEO for WordPress | tekka.de
Das Cheat Sheet: SEO for WordPress zum Download auf tekka.de – alle Versionen des Cheat Sheets zur Optimierung deines WordPress Blogs.

13 security plugins to make your WordPress bulletproof! | djavupixel.com
The standard WordPress installation is not impermeable to hacks. It is possible that your blog will never be hacked, take this security steps to prevent it.

How To Add Custom Default Avatars | WPZine
WPzine is a blog dedicated to WordPress tutorials, themes, plugins, news and other resources

Change The WordPress Logo In Your Admin Pages | WPZine
WPzine is a blog dedicated to WordPress tutorials, themes, plugins, news and other resources

Code a Modern Design Studio from PSD to HTML | WebDesignFan.com
Today we’re going to convert the Modern Design Studio PSD Template created by Tomas Laurinavičius a few days ago to a clean and working XHTML/CSS code.

WordPress: Adding the Sidebar to our theme | Your Inspiration Web
And here we go again with our course on the creation of a WordPress theme, we stopped some days ago with the loop and we have seen that this is, in synthesis, the heart of the matter around which the entire platform revolves. What we are going to deal with today is instead the creation of the sidebar, a column (of more or less reduced dimensions that almost all the blogs have, usually on the right side) reserved to the signaling of contents that can be displayed on more pages. Let’s see now what can we put on the sidebar of the theme we are about to create.

30 jQuery WordPress Tutorials and Plugins | CreativeFan
We’ve gathered up 30 jQuery WordPress Tutorials and Plugins that take the best features of jQuery and combine it with WordPress to enhance usability, functionality and experience.

Telepítési útmutató | WordPress Dokumentáció
A WordPress telepítése A WordPress a telepítés egyszerűségéről is ismert. Többnyire a WordPress telepítése nagyon egyszerű, és kevesebb, mint öt

How to Create Your WordPress Website |WordpressIndeed
The website that you’re looking at is installed on WordPress ussing the cPanel. In this quick tutorial I’m going to guide you step-by-step on how to

17 Websites to Buy High Quality WordPress Themes | UnderWorld Magazines
With many designers using wordpress as their main stage, it’s always great to have a head start with pre-made themes that you can buy online. It can save you time and money.

How To Display Total Number of Comments in WordPress | TutZone
Sometimes its cool to display your blog’s statistics to your viewers and visitors if they are really good, so as to grab some attention. That can also attract some new followers to your blog. Below trick can help you with same, this trick will let you display your total number of comments on your blog.

Profi honlapot WordPress alapon | DolgozzOtthon
Világos, hogy szükséged van egy honlapra, mert minden további építkezésnek ez az alapja. Valószínűleg se a létrehozására, se akarbantartására nem akarsz sokat költeni. Nem érsz rá HTML tanfolyamokkal bíbelődni, mert már tegnapra is későn lett volna. Mindebből egyértelműen következik, hogy amire szükséged van, az a WordPress. Idejétmúlt tévhiedelem, hogy a WordPress ‘csak’ blogolásra jó. Segítségével kitűnő funkcionalitású, komoly üzleti honlapot is

50 Free CSS/(X)HTML Templates – Noupe Design Blog
eShop: quirm.net
wordpress webshop építés – Google keresés
How to install WordPress, configure it and secure it | djavupixel.com
As simple as it is to install, as easy it is to omit some essential (security) steps. The standard WordPress installation is not impermeable to hacks.

More PSD To HTML Tutorials – SloDive
Website designing in Photoshop gives you full freedom to check the outcome but it can also worry you to code it to make it live. Now that’s where PSD to HTML tutorials comes handy and today we have come up with some more tutorials to enliven your designs.

Adatkezelési azonosító weboldal, webáruház tulajdonosoknak? – Törvényes webáruház – Kerülje el a fogyasztóvédelmi bírságot
Adatkezelési azonosító weboldal, webáruház tulajdonosoknak?: Egyre több olvasónktól felmerült a kérdés, hogy kell-e rendelkeznie a weboldal, illetve webáruház tulajdonosoknak adatkezelési azonosítóval amennyiben hírlevél küldés formájában kommunikálnak ügyfe…

33 PSD to HTML Service Provider to Consider | blueblots.com
PSD to HTML conversion takes a lot of time and precision in converting your design to high quality, SEO optimize, valid top-notch XHTML/ CSS semantic markup and cross-browser compatible especially if you’re not too familiar with coding stuffs. In this case, you will need the assistance of the psd to html service providers that will convert your PSD files into HTML and CSS. In this post, we have collected 33 PSD to HTML Service Provider that you may want to consider for your coding needs. Visit each sites to check the details on their services.