7 User Management Plugins for WordPress

User Level Themes – This is a user management plugin with the ability to manage the user level themes for those with or without administrative level rights. Used to safely test themes without having non-admins seeing the new one.

Bind User to Category – Allows for administrator to restrict posts by certain users into certain categories into which they are approved.

Users to CSV – Adds an admin screen under the “users” which will allow you to export the user and unique commenter’s to a CSV file.

WP User Register – Useful plugin to change the way that users can register to post on your WordPress blog. Can even change the verification system and registration criteria as well.

Confirm User Registration – Plugin which makes it a requirement for each account to be approved by the Admin and sends a notification if approved.

User Permissions – Fully localized in post system for restricting content viewable and changeable by certain users.

Shared Users – Allows you to share users between WordPress databases on the same hosting plan. This is useful for websites that will need the same posters between them.

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