15 Fresh WordPress Code Snippets Worth Checking Out

  • Use your blog gravatar as favicon
  • Display your latest tweets on your WordPress blog without any plugin
  • Set the content type email from text/plain to text/html
  • Add custom post types to archives page
  • Replace widget title with custom title and HTML
  • Display attachment thumbnail with image metadata
  • Check if user is using StumbleUpon
  • Display the comment count using a shortcode
  • Automatically add a Google+ button to your posts
  • How to automatically email guest authors when their posts are published
  • Add your own meta copyright to your WordPress blog
  • How to remove the WordPress.org link from Login / Register Page
  • How to change WordPress editor font
  • Implement a maintenance mode on your WordPress blog
  • Change the default from addresses when WordPress sends out its emails

15 Fresh WordPress Code Snippets Worth Checking Out | Design Inspiration.

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